Top 9 Formal Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Medium-length hair can be styled in numerous ways to make it look alluring. They can be styled in a formal manner as well. Generally Up do and Prom hairstyles are considered as formal ones. Here the hair is not kept open or loose; rather it is tied in a fashionable manner. At this moment, there are numerous formal hairstyles available. However, if you have medium-length hair, you should check out the list below.

Simple and Easy Formal Hairstyles For Medium Hair:

Let’s see the best formal hairstyles for medium hair.

1. Princess Braid Up do:

formal hairstyles for medium hair

You can wear this creative look anywhere. This cute, sassy look can be obtained by braiding and locking the hair. You can do the braids according to your preference. Women with long faces and blond hair will rock this look.

2. The Twenties Look:

formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair2

This is a cool look which is inspired from the vintage hairstyles. Here the hair looks very fashionable as it comes with a side curly ponytail. This dramatic look is acceptable for women with almost all face types. The hair won’t fall over the face, and you can expose your facial strength. It is the best hairstyle for a prom night.

3. Twisted And Pinned Updo:

formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair3

If you’re getting ready for a special occasion, then you should try the twisted and pinned updo hairstyle. Women with medium-length hair can obtain this look by twisting the hair at the back of the head and securing it with a clip. A floral accessory will look more appealing and bring out the festive mood.

4. Side-Swept Hairstyle For Medium-Length Hair:

formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair4

In this look, the hair is a bit thick on one side compared to the other. It covers one side of the face completely as well as the forehead. This formal look will be best on medium-length hair because if the hair is too long, it will be hard to establish it and the hairstyle will collapse. Women can wear this look at a wedding.

5. Braided Updo:

formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair5

Have a date? Go rock this braided updo with a cute dress to turn heads. This is one of the simplest and alluring hairstyles for braided hair. The hair hangs over the forehead and makes your face look adorable. At the back, the remaining hair strands are braided, which makes this hairstyle look very fashionable.

6. The Dancing Queen:

formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair6

If you have medium-length hair, then you can asymmetrically divide it and flip out the hair on the sides. This hairstyle will suit women with round and heat-shaped faces. It is one of the coolest hairstyles right now and can be styled easily on medium hair. The hair is very well layered and provides you with a flirty look.

7. Chignon Updo:

formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair7

This is not just any updo hairstyle. Here the hair is assembled on one side at the back and locked after doing a braid. If you’re going on a picnic with your family, then this will be the perfect hairstyle for you.

8. Low Rolled Hair With a Twist:

formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair8

The twisted low rolled hair is a masterpiece. Here the hair is braided on the side and pulled down and locked at the back. This hairstyle demands time and patience for styling. Thick hair is the most suitable by-factor for styling this look. You can add your own imagination into this look.

9. Wedding Up do:

formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair9

In a wedding, you need a formal hairstyle to embrace the festive feel. People will admire this hairstyle and look up to you as the most beautiful bride ever. Braids are made from the front and accumulate at the back, where they are assembled to form a unique structure.

Most of the women have medium hair and with that also can try different formal hairstyles as like long hair styles. If you have medium hair, then immediately select one unique style through that you can surprise the people surrounding you.

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