Hairstyle Hacks: Braids and Buns, Hun!

Hair. If there is one thing I know a lot about and have a lot of, it’s hair. Not only are my locks now slightly past my bum, it’s all one length and all real, baby. Having such long hair really is a blessing, yet sometimes, it’s a curse. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love having long hair and all the benefits and hairstyle options that come along with it. My ponytails are always on and poppin’, I get a lot of compliments, and there is almost always someone who wants to play with it. (Oh, yes…we all know how amazing it is to have someone play with your hair!)  Yet, in all of its glory, there are some days where it’s a lot to handle. Knots are my worst enemies, I break hair clips constantly, and sometimes I have to mentally prepare myself to wash my hair.

Hairstyle Hacks

When I do get around to washing my hair, I basically have two options. If I have the time and patience, I will straighten it or add some curls to really showcase my balayage. For the days when I sleep until the last possible second, or it’s just too hot outside in this Texas heat to wear it down, I have to revert to something quick, yet cute! Mama said there would be days like these, and boy, was she right! Braids and buns have saved me from the moments when I am working with so much hair and so little time.

The Half Up/Half Down Braid

Here it is, y’all! All of my hair! (I told you I wasn’t kidding about the length!) Ever so often there are days and occasions when my hair and I are all over the place. So, just like my life, sometimes my hair needs a little direction, too. This half up/half down braid hairstyle is a great alternative to simply wearing my hair all the way down. I still get to show off all of my length and the braid adds a sophisticated touch, while keeping the hair out of my face. Are you a braid fanatic? Opt for a fishtail braid to really show off your skills!

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The Messy Bun

Ahh, the messy bun, my tried and true hero! (or should I say hair-o?!) I probably rock this hairstyle at least once a day. When I get up in the morning, when I have to run a quick errand, or when I’m about to catch some Zzzs, I just whip my hair up into one of these bad boys and I’m ready to take on the world. I especially love to wear it with my favorite black crop top that says, “Messy bun and getting stuff done!” And that’s exactly what I do; I get stuff done, with no hair in my face to stop me! Feeling fun? Dress it up with a cute bandana like I did here.

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The Classic Braid

When in doubt, braid it out. Braids have always been my signature hairstyle. They are gorgeous, simple, and can usually get me out of door quicker than a lot of other alternatives. While I modeled the classic down the middle braid here, I do fancy a voluminous side braid to really show off my length. Braids are great for any occasion and can really add an elegant touch to an already beautiful hairdo. Bored with the classic braid? Try twisting that classic braid up into a bun or use smaller braids to wrap up a traditional pony.

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The Double Buns

Looking at this final hairdo, I’m so glad that double buns are back in style. To be honest, I haven’t worn my hair like this since I was in the third grade and the Spice Girls were EVERYTHING. Nowadays, I see these cute buns rocked just about everywhere and I LOVE it. One trend I am dying to try is the glitter part. All this look needs is some chunky glitter added down the center part and you’re ready to rage, my friend. Not a fan of glitter? Dress them up with little pom-poms or bows. You can add almost anything to this fun hair trend!

There you have it ladies and gents, four quick, yet cute hairstyles for days when your hair is just too much to handle. Remember, when it doubt, braid it out or just put it in a bun, hun!

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