Get Pretty Nail Designs With Discounted Stash

Black Friday sale is one of my most awaited events of the entire year. I believe a lot of you lovelies share the same feeling. Being able to get premium and quality items at a discounted amount is something all of us are drawn to. As early as now, I’m prepping for the event so I can score nail products I can use in creating amazing nail designs. Here are some of the deals you should be looking out for.

Black Friday Sale | Get Pretty Nail Designs With Discounted Stash

I don’t know of anyone who isn’t excited for Black Friday sale. From family to friends or even acquaintances, everyone I know seems to be looking forward to the event whenever the month of November begins. I can just imagine all the stuff I can get my hands at a much lesser cost!

Prior to being a nail artist, I used to be a clothes and makeup junkie. However, after finding a career that has everything to do with nails, my Black Friday sale finds are mostly for making great nail art designs both my clients and I are happy with. I just couldn’t put into words how happy I am to add more nail products to my already extensive stash. Nevertheless, I’m not about to stop collecting more. After all, there’s too many nail design ideas to create so I need a widespread of products.

You don’t have to be a professional nail artist though in order to have a stockpile of nail art merchandise. I know most of you dearies love to DIY your nails and are stoked to acquire more products to help out with your design projects. So, here’s a list of merchants (and some items) to watch out for this Black Friday sale.

1.  Walmart

Who doesn’t shop at Walmart, right?  As early as now, they’re already drum rolling their Black Friday sale with a catchy ad featured on their website. Even before all the chaos start, they’re already luring nail designs aficionados by slashing off 27% from the original price of the 6 piece set Kylie Jenner Trend Matters Collection Pure Satin Matters Nail Polish.

2. Target

The store’s ad goes beyond promoting their Black Friday sale as it also entices clients about the upcoming Cyber week and other exclusives and promos. Target is another major player when it comes to deals so we should watch out for them with a hawk eye. I’m really looking forward to finding out whether my favorite Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Nail Care System File would be among the items that will go on sale.

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3. Amazon

With Black Friday still a couple of days away, Amazon is giving customers an early treat as they present daily deals. This serves as a countdown leading up to the big day so clients need not wait much longer. Gelish Fantastic Four Gel Polish Kit, which is quite pricey without the discount, is currently available in their store. Hopefully, they’ll be on sale this Black Friday so we can get a glam and salon−quality nails.

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4. Kohl’s

The shop is not to be outdone with giving away an early Black Friday sale deal. As early as now, they’re already giving away discounts as well as Kohl cash for a minimum purchase. Additionally, they’re bringing in the holidays game by slashing 35% off the price of Simple Pleasures Sparkle.

5. Sephora

Hopping to the technology bandwagon, Sephora offers an exclusive Black Friday sale preview to patrons who will be downloading their app. The preview is slated to begin on November 18. If you’re itching to make a purchase right now, check out the Formula X The Three−Nail Polish Set. It’s currently on sale at $9 from the original $18 price tag. The product is valued at $37.50.

6. Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty is also not to be outdone. They’ve already started giving away discounts as early as now. This includes price cut on Opi nail polishes when you purchase two items of the same kind. They have a 2 for $20 markdown for an item that originally costs $12.50 per piece, and 2 for $16 for those that are priced at $10 per item.

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7. Macy’s

Rounding up our list is Macy’s. Their in−store sale period will start on November 26 at 6pm up to 1pm the following day. On November 28, deals are available between 8am to 1pm. For online purchase, sale is from November 25 to 28. Before the said dates, you can purchase in advance the Essie Gel Setter Duo Kits, which is valued at $18.50 and is available for $15.

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